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Junk Yard Dog® has a custom banner rotation program to allow salvage yards and other automotive sites to increase their exposure by advertising on our website. With an average of 5,000 unique visitors a day the amount of exposure to your potential customers is maximized. Marketers can use our flexible banner advertising & promotional programs to build awareness, promote products & services, generate inquiries and quickly drive traffic to their web sites.
     Junk Yard Dog®  takes an up front approach to advertising and we're not afraid to publish our prices on the Web. Our ad programs are supported by a custom ad management system which enables us to guarantee impressions. We also provide you with on-line real-time password protected STATS which our advertisers can access 24 hours a day! No monthly contracts to sign. Just honest banner impressions at an affordable price.

   § Ads are placed usually the day ordered.
   § GIF formatted banners 11Kb or under 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels
   § Animated ads accepted with our approval. 7 loops maximum!

Advertising Rates -- US Dollars:

General Rotation Banners:
Banners rotate randomly with each page view throughout 
Junk Yard Dog® site.

250,000. Impressions


0.0096 per Impression

125,000. Impressions


0.0112 per Impression

50,000. Impressions


0.0128 per Impression

25,000. Impressions


0.0144 per Impression

12,500. Impressions


0.0160 per Impression

5,000. Impressions


0.0192 per Impression

Minimum Order: 5,000. Impressions; $96.00.

Key Word Search:
We also have a "Keyword Search" where you can have your banner displayed when someone searches our database of over 5100 salvage yards. You can buy "Honda, Corvette or Motorcycle" or what ever you wish. These rates will be higher than General Rotation Banners but they are more valuable to your company.

* All rates subject to change without notice*
Junk Yard Dog ® accepts American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, Checks & Money Orders.

To order or for more information e-mail bobby@junkyarddog.com
or call : 800-844-9440.
NOTE: Junk Yard Dog does NOT sell parts. We are a search engine. Please do not use the above phone number for a parts request. Use the online Request Form. Thanks.

Thank You for your interest in JYD.

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