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Junk Yard Dog® is a combination junkyard Search Engine and Database. Internet Search Engines by definition search the Internet for relevant websites and give you a list of results. If you don’t have a website, or if you aren’t lucky enough to be high in the results, you won’t be found. JYD doesn’t work that way, your junkyard can be listed free with or without a website. The results will look like this:

1. B.C.Automotive Inc.   Premium Listing

We sell used auto and truck part.101 day warranties also 1yr 2yr and lifetime warranties available .we take all major credit cards. We can ship most parts worldwide.

City, State: Zion, Illinois USA
Local Phone: 847-746-8056
Toll Free: 888-452-6768
Fax: 847-746-7701
Email: [email protected]


2. Elgin Super Auto Parts, Inc.   Premium Listing

Elgin Super Auto Parts Inc. supplies high quality hard to find, late model recycled auto parts all over the world. Check us out at www.elginsuper.com If we don't have it, you probably don't need it!

City, State: Elgin, Illinois USA
Local Phone: 847-695-4000
Toll Free: 800-232-5564
Fax: 847-695-1603
Email: [email protected]

The first line gives the results order, we will discuss this later, and the name of the junkyard. If you have a website, your name will link to your site. The next line is a description of your site in your words. We do reserve the right to edit content. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory. One item you don’t see is the keyword field. If you specialize in a particular make or part you can add that to a keyword field, it won’t show in the results, but it is searchable. Now let’s get back to the ranking, the above 2 results are for a search in the "American" category without choosing a state or adding keywords. As you will notice, the results are not in alphabetical order. That is because JYD’s search database can give your yard priority. All entries start with a priority of 0. 1 point is added if your yard, 1: receives the parts requests from the request page on JYD, 2: buys banner ads, 3: if JYD creates and hosts your website, 4: If you place and maintain a link to JYD in a prominent spot on your website. 5: Buy a Premium Listing.

One of the most significant things JYD can do for you is the online parts request. JYD receives 600 to 1000 parts requests per day. You can receive all the requests or just the requests for the years and makes you choose. These requests come from individuals, body shops, used car dealers and even insurance appraisers.  We have several membership options available for your junkyard. See our Become A Member page to see these options. 


"Ever since I've signed on with Junk Yard Dog, I receive over 600 parts requests per day! Now I'm able to not only increase the amount of sales, I've taken my inventory worldwide! Junk Yard Dog parts request is clearly the right move and a great way to increase profitability.

A great business decision!"

-Bryan Hoffman (Elgin Super Auto Parts Inc. Elgin, IL.)

One more item that can benefit your yard is Banner Advertising. These banners rotate throughout the site and can link to your site if you have one, or to a free simple page we will create for your yard giving more information about you. These banners get great results ranging from salvage yards advertisers from 3.5% to over 5% click through rates. Most Internet banners only receive 1.5% or less. If you are interested in increasing you business in the most cost-effective way call Bobby Newell at 800-844-9440 or e-mail to [email protected] . You won’t be sorry you did.

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