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Listings: Listing in our database is free. Also included is a link to your website if you have one. To have your yard listed, please fill out this form.

Guarantied Listing: The guarantied listing insures you listing will be in the results of any search defined buy state or a more restricted search. This listing gives you 1 star and a priority of 1. Our database search shows results in alphabetical order, unless you have a premium listing. The database of salvage yards is growing and growing. In Jan., 2002 there were 70,178 searches for salvage yards on JYD. The search results for American, in all states, produces over 4,100 results, but only 200 results can be shown on any search. A search for American, in PA, has over 400 results, with only 200 displayed.

Premium Listing: A premium listing is now available for $300 per year on a limited basis.  A premium listing gives your salvage yard 2 stars, which is 3 priority points. Additional points are available for buying banner ads and other services . All salvage yards that are members of our member program automatically get Big Dog listings.  When someone does a search, the yards that fit the search criteria will be displayed with highest number of points first and all with the same number of points in alphabetical order.

Big Dog Listing: Big Dog was until now only for members. Now on a limited basis, you can be a Big Dog. You receive 6 points priority, which pretty much guaranties you will be on the first page of all but nation wide searches. 

Top Dog Listing: A Top Dog Listing is very special place to be. A Top Dog has 10 points, the highest available. It guaranties you will be on the first page of any search in you category. The exclusive service is your for $200 per month. You can spend a lot more on pay per click service, and not have near the relevant results.

Banner Ads: Banner ads are now sold on impression or click through basis.

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Help Wanted: Help wanted ads are $10 per month.

Yards for Sale: We are currently running a special on Yards for Sale. You can place an ad for $20 per month or "run it ''til it sells" for $50.

Our Directory: Advertising on the directory page starts at $300 per year.

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