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The new filter is ready for Junk Yard Dog ©. Many new features have been added to insure you only receive the parts requests that fit your criteria.  Previously, you only had one year filter and a filter for each manufacturer. Now with the new system, you can set a different year filter for each manufacturer and filter by model instead of manufacturer. Also, most manufacturers are divided with a separate category for trucks, SUV's etc. This way you can for instance receive request for 1980 and newer Chevrolet PU's, but 1992 and newer cars. 

One of the recipients handles only Corvettes, Camaros, Firebirds and Mustangs. Previously, he had to receive all models of Chevrolet and Ford. Now, he can receive request for only the models he wants. This not only saves a lot of time, but all of the requests are more relevant. 

Another time saver, although most of you are not interested in this filter, is the new state filter. Now you can limit the states for which you wish to receive requests. Don't forget about this feature, if at anytime you become shorthanded and cannot handle all of the requests, this is a way to lower the number of requests, but still maintain many sales. 

Here is an overview of new features you can benefit from instantly; you are in control, no more having to call customer support.

         You can change your own e-mail address

         You can temporarily turn off the requests

         You can set your own filters

         You can change all of your contact info 

         You can setup one e-mail for requests and another for administration.

More tips.....

Let's say you handle 1994 and newer Domestic pickups, vans and SUV's. You can choose only those models. Since you have Ranger pickups, you can also receive request for 1994 and newer Mazda pickups, since many parts interchange; the same goes for S10 parts fitting Isuzu Hombres; Nissan Quest and Mercury Villager. Imagine, now you can receive Mazda pickup requests without having to get all Mazda requests. 

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