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Bobby - great web site.  I've received many responses and I purchased what I needed.  I spent hours googling the part; but once I found your web site, it only took a matter of minutes after the responses came in.



Just wanted to say THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! I got the parts I needed from Dessert Valley Auto Parts thanks to your online service. You guys saved me a lot of TIME & MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Again Marty Castro

Hi, Bobby!

JYD works great!  I have the part I need now, and I got it for the best price available.  Your service is question--how do I let suppliers know my current search is over and they need not e-mail me in regards to my initial parts request?  I'd hate to think they might be losing sleep worrying about "that poor fella in Philly needing a '92 Subaru headlamp housing".

Thank you, Bobby.



I could not find a comments section on the website, so I am using this address. I hope you get this. I am extremely grateful and impressed with the service you have. I was a car salesman and later got into manufacturing computers. You have combined theses two favorites of mine and saved me big money and big time! Thank you. I submitted this request with an eye on the calendar, as my automobile inspection is due by the end of this month. Thanks to your service and the replies, I got the right part at the right price almost instantly. Requested Monday, ordered Tuesday, received Wednesday.
Again, many thanks.

Russ Franklin


Your site was a great help to me last week after the temporary flood in Miami. I was under the impression I would need a new engine. I used your site to begin a search for a good price and within 1 hour I had received over 10 responses. I continued to receive responses even a day later. The costs were competitive and many guaranteed their products. Thank you for the site..... unfortunately for you, I hope I do not have to use it too often.. but it is comforting to know I can use if need be.


We are impressed!
Thanks, good job...rec'd numerous replies concerning my search for a mirror.. You make it so easy, and yet so efficient...not to mention the money I saved.

Best Regards,
Danny - Websites like yours makes the Internet what it is........

I figured, that this is the easiest way to contact you! I am very impressed with your services! I have bought parts already, and am extremely impressed! I appreciate your company, and have told all my friends about you! I am a mechanic, and this site, help immensely!
Thanks again!

Dear Junk Yard Dog, 

I just wanted to thank you for your help in finding me a seat for my  VW Eurovan.  I had spent hours on the internet and e-mail about everyone I could find and hadn't been able to locate one.  Thanks to your search methods I was contacted by Elgin Superstore to let me know they had a seat for me.  I was ecstatic!  Thank you so much.

Krista Depenthal

I just wanted to thank you guys for offering such a terrific service. I bought a car to find out not even a week later that the motor block was cracked. I submitted my search for a new engine this morning around 10am and by 1pm I already had 7 offers. By now the part is ordered and on its way. You guys saved me from even more trouble. Thanks so much!


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