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Why buy used auto parts?
     When  an  insurance  appraiser writes a damage   estimate  on  your  property,  let's use an automobile as an example, he  has to consider repair cost and replacement cost. Repair cost consist of many  items, the highest dollar amounts are usually labor and materials.
     Choices for materials can come from four categories;
New O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
New Aftermarket (This can be from Taiwan or anywhere, quality not as good as O.E.M.)
Rebuilt or Remanufactured (Rebuilt Engine, Re-chromed Bumper, etc.
Used LKQ (Used parts from a automobile recycler)
     Here are some pros and cons of each.

New O.E.M. is, in most instances, the best, but if this was the only option, none of us could afford insurance. Not only do insurance companies and individuals save tremendous amounts of money on used auto parts parts to do the repair, insurance companies recover a lot of money from vehicles they wish not to repair. "The insurance industry re-coups about 25% of their total lost costs through auto recycler's purchases of salvage autos for parts." These vehicles are sold to automobile recyclers to be dismantled and the parts sold a savings to consumers.
     As I said, O.E.M. is best but is available in new and used. If you have an estimate  written  on  your  car, O.E.M. means new original equipment,   and LKQ  means  used   original  equipment. The  advantage  for used is sometimes two fold. 
     One example would be a convertible top frame. One model may cost $2500 from the manufacturer and require many hours to assemble. The same unit LKQ, might cost $500 to $1000 dollars and just need to be installed, not assembled. 
    Another example is a car door. While a new door shell may cost $1000 and a used door also cost $1000, the advantages of used are not always  clear to the uninformed. First of all, a door shell is far from a complete door. A new door for the same vehicle, if complete, may cost $2500 and need assembly. Even if the shell is all that is damaged, seldom have a seen a door assembled in a repair facility not rattle. Assembly done at the factory is just better

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